GALLERY: Supermoon rises over Las Vegas

Supermoon rising over Las Vegas 11/14/16 (Photo By, Richard Yukes)

If the sky seemed a little brighter these past couple nights, rest assured you're not a lunatic.

Moon gazers were able to enjoy a rare so-called Super Moon.

As moons go, there are crescents, blues, even harvest moons, but the Supermoon may be the biggest and brightest of all. It occurs when the moon makes its closest appearance to earth.

The last time it happened was back in 1948.

Marian Rasfeld climbed Exploration Peak near Blue Diamond and Buffalo with about a hundred other moon gazers to enjoy the spectacle.

"It's just beautiful," said Marian. "And it's good to just come out and be with other people, it's nature."

The occasion even inspired a group of local percussionists called, The Vegas Tribe to come out and perform.

The Super Moon will be visible again on Tuesday, but after that, it won't reappear until the year 2034.

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