Suspects in murder, dismemberment of Las Vegas man face judge and victim's family

The three suspects accused of the December 2016 murder of Ulysses Molina -- George Malaperdas, Anthony Newton, and Kelsea Glass -- appeared in court for a preliminary hearing on April 17, 2017. (Faith Jessie | KSNV)

Three people charged in connection with murdering and dismembering Ulysses Molina a couple of days after Christmas appeared in court Monday for their preliminary hearing.

Anthony Newton, Kelsea Glass and George Malaperdas each face six felony charges, including open murder, in the death of Ulysses Molina.

Molina was found dismembered and burned on Dec. 28 near Lake Mead and Lamb.

Molina was found dismembered and burned on Dec. 28 near Lake Mead and Lamb.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department police arrest report says Newton killed Molina at an apartment and that Glass helped Newton to lure him to the location.

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Police say Newton and Malaperdas then buried Molina’s body in the backyard of Newton’s stepfather. The report states, after they were told to remove the body, Newton, Malaperdas and Glass dismembered the body, stuffed it in a suitcase, brought it to the Dolly Lane area and set it on fire.

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Molina's sister says the family is hurting and wants to see the maximum punishment served to the defendants.

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"He's still missing; we still haven't even gotten parts of him, so every time we see him it's just a hate and an anger that will never go away," said Raquel Molina, the victim's sister. "Even when the trial is over we're still gonna be with the hurt and pain. Even if they go to jail and die, we're done. We lost already. It don't even matter"

All three defendants waived their right to a preliminary hearing. They are expected back in court on Wednesday.

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