The Boulevard looking past JCPenney closure

JCPenney inside the Boulevard Mall is set to close, joining many other JCPenney stores across the country. 3/17/17 (Sergio Avila | KSNV)

JCPenney announced Friday that their location at The Boulevard will be closing down after 50 years as a tenant.

Timo Kuusela of The Boulevard sees it as an opportunity.

"This 200,000 square foot department store model doesn't work anymore," Kuusela said.

As The Boulevard continues to undergo renovations, the plan is to move forward without huge department stores.

"Within the next year I don't see any department stores remaining," Kuusela said. "We do see us adding more office. We see going down the road of medical."

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Macy's is just days away from closing and The Boulevard management expects Sears to follow suit.

Kuusela tells News 3 their other focus will be on more family entertainment to get people back in the doors.

Janita Whitehorn, who was on her way to JCPenney, agrees because she admits she doesn't shop here much.

"That's a good thing since they have John's Incredible Pizza right down the street. It's nice to have something for kids to do in Las Vegas because it's very minimal," Whitehorn said.

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Kuusela said the combination of entertainment, office space, and retail will be a winning strategy for The Boulevard moving forward.

"We look forward to having square footage to work with as opposed to it being locked down under an antiquated model of a department store," Kuusela said.

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