'They're coming in. There's no question': Home break-in ends with gunfire

Caught on camera with a Ring doorbell, crooks attempted to enter a home near Jones and 215. The homeowner, who was inside, shot at the burglars. (Images provided)

A home break-in ended with gunfire in Las Vegas.

The homeowner has already been the victim of one home burglary and this was the second time he had been hit. But this time, he was ready for it and armed with a gun.

It happened in August near North Jones and the 215. The homeowner’s name is Kris. He only wants us to use his first name since the crooks are still out there.

The moments before the break-in were caught on camera. Kris owns a Ring doorbell, which sends a live feed direct to his cell phone.

The doorbell has a tiny camera inside, so you get a really good look at the would-be burglars.

“They’re coming in. There’s no question. They’re coming in,” said Kris.

The video shows the unwelcome guests ring the doorbell to see if anyone is home.

“The voice, what he says in there, their demeanor, they're not here to sell cookies,” explained Kris.

Kris was inside his home, watching the crooks from his cell phone. Video from the Ring doorbell shows the intruders talking to each other. They appear to be confused by the doorbell.

In the video, one can be heard saying, “You need an eye scanner? Is that how I get into the house? An eye scanner?”

Seconds later, the crooks are in Kris’ backyard. Except now, there are four people. Kris pulled out his gun.

“They had flashlights and I'm basically just seeing silhouettes of their bodies moving around the backyard,” said Kris. “And as soon as one comes two feet into my home, I fire two rounds.”

Kris said he ran outside and fired two more rounds. The intruders took off and Kris called 911. Officers with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department showed up a few minutes later.

“Your mind is racing. You have all these thoughts going through your mind, but you're trying to protect your family, your home, your property, your life. What you worked so hard for,” said Kris.

LVMPD Officer Larry Hadfield said the decision to fight back is a personal choice for a homeowner.

“Calling the police is the best thing you can do. However, if you get down to the point you're going to get injured or killed, you can defend yourself by any means,” said Officer Hadfield.

Kris said he got the doorbell camera and gun after three people busted down his front door in March of 2016.

“I prepared for something, not thinking it was going to happen, and it did,” explained Kris.

But Kris said he’s never seen the intruders in his Ring doorbell video.

“Hopefully they get caught and they change their way of life because they're headed down the wrong road,” he continued.

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