Thousands still without power in Las Vegas, trees down due to high winds

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Strong wind gusts leaving behind a lot of damage in our valley. It tossed around planes and semi-trucks like toys!

Many across the valley went to sleep without power last night, and four thousand were still without power this morning, according to the NV Energy outage list.

GALLERY | Wind damage around the Las Vegas valley

Mother nature’s walloping winds snapped power poles in two.

Many hotels working off generators in the area, but the Super Eight was dark. But that didn't seem to bother some guests.

"They're saying they're offering to bus people to a different hotel down the street, but there is room access and it's warm in Vegas, so I'm not too worried about getting too cold overnight,” said guest Phillip Resnick.

At its height, 49,000 customers were without electricity. About 44,000 customers were reported without power around 6 p.m. yesterday, and that number has since significantly dropped to 19,000 customers at 10:30 p.m. Thursday night.

Several major power lines were also reported around the valley.

Heavy damage was reported around Las Vegas including downed trees, and streetlights. Officials are urging the public to stay indoors during this time. Our Weather Authority has reported that wind gusts have reached upwards of 70 mph.

Massive trees with roots were uplifted and one tree fell onto the second story of a townhome near Desert Inn and Sandhill in the Garden Park Complex.

One resident tells us they felt fortunate because there was another tree that had just barely missed his home.

""It didn't hit my house and I am thankful because I just cleaned it. It looks great in there and I value my house so I feel bad for those who come home and their nice house is all messed up," said resident, Trent Fewkes.

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