Town hall without a Senator full of questions with few answers

They wanted to ask their Senator questions, instead, they asked an empty suit. Hundreds crowded into a theater room at the Clark County Library hoping to see Senator Dean Heller.

Heller was invited to the public meeting by constituents when they grew frustrated that the Senator had not scheduled any public meetings during his recess.

Questions for the Senator ranged from health care reform to immigration. A diverse crowd instead looked to each other for support.

Organizations including Planned Parenthood, Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada, and the Human Rights Campaign sponsored the event. Their message to those in attendance was simple, if you don’t think the Senator is listening to you then lend us your voices. Those in attendance claim they sent invitations to Senator Heller’s Las Vegas office.

Shouts of “Do your job” rang out through the crowd.

Heller's office sent over the following response:

"The organizers of this town hall had no intention of Senator Heller attending and are intentionally misleading Nevadans. The invitation to the town hall came late in the afternoon on the previous day. This is a ridiculous attempt by the organizers to try and discredit the Senator. The lack of transparency about these details from the organizers of the town hall is disingenuous but not surprising," said Neal Patel, spokesman for US Senator Dean Heller.

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