Trial resumes with witness testimony in case of doctor accused of sexual assault

Dr. Binh Chung, 43, appears in court Monday, May 8, 2017, at the Regional Justice Center in Las Vegas. (Donald Lane/KSNV)

The trial resumed on Tuesday for a Las Vegas doctor accused of drugging and assaulting patients.

"'Did you drug me and rape me?' He said, 'My life is over. Can you forgive me?'" the victim recalled.

It's a telephone call this witness remembers vividly, confronting longtime friend Dr. Binh "Ben" Chung after finding out a video existed of the two of them having sex.

"I just cried really hard," she said.

The woman says Chung was her doctor, administering injections for a thyroid issue.

But according to prosecutors, what was happening inside the medical office was far more sinister.

The now-suspended doctor is accused of drugging and assaulting unconscious patients.

"Did you agree to have sex with him?" the prosecutor asked.

"No," the victim replied.

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And witness testimony is just part of the state's case. Earlier this week, jurors were asked to watch nearly 45 minutes of secretly recorded videos.

Las Vegas attorney Josh Tomsheck, who is not involved in this case, says graphic content can be tough on some jurors.

"Juries often get overwhelmed. Trial is a dynamic process," Tomsheck said. "So going in, you can't predict how a jury is going to react or feel to a certain piece of evidence."

However, he says prosecutors have no choice. If evidence of a crime exists, it must be presented. The best attorneys can do is find 12 fair-minded individuals, he says, during the jury selection process.

"You prepare them for it. You tell them we are going to show you gory photographs or content you may not be comfortable with," Tomsheck said.

As for Chung, his trial is expected to last through the end of the week.

If convicted, he faces the possibility of life in prison.

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