Two home invaders bust into northwest valley home and shoot man in the stomach

A man was shot in the stomach after two armed robbers forced their way into his home near Lone Mountain and Torrey Pines. 5/12/17 (Antonio Castelan | KSNV)

Outside a northwest valley home, the evidence of a violent home invasion is still present.

Broken flower pots and a smashed chair show the destruction left behind by two armed robbers.

According to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, shortly after 3 a.m. Friday, a couple of home invaders forced their way into a house near Lone Mountain and Torrey Pines. Investigators say a man living at the house was shot in the stomach.

Todd Allen lives in the neighborhood.

"For this particular neighborhood it is extremely rare,” said Allen.

Allen has lived on this street for sixteen years. He says that mainly retirees reside on the block. Allen says home invasions aren't supposed to happen there.

"Never ever you'd expect it because you have a lot of elderly,” said Allen. “A lot of first time home owners and everybody's cool."

Police say the man wounded at the house was taken to the hospital. His condition is unknown.

Don Taylor ran into the victim from time to time.

"Very surprising in a neighborhood. I talked to a couple of neighbors in the morning,” said Taylor. “They are totally shocked that this would happen to this guy. He kept to himself."

Taylor and Allen say it is more important than ever to keep a look out for one another.

"When it comes to your own neighborhood I think it makes it doubly so,” said Allen.

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