Altercation leads to attack, shots being fired near Rainbow and Sunset

Police investigate a double shooting Wednesday, Sept. 6, 2017, near West Sunset Road and South Rainbow Boulevard in Las Vegas. (Denise Rosch/KSNV)

One person was injured after an altercation outside a business Wednesday morning in the southwest Las Vegas valley led to shots being fired.

The incident occurred around 10 a.m. on the 6400 block of South Rainbow Boulevard, near West Sunset Road, according to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

It left a gruesome scene in the parking lot of a southwest Las Vegas shopping center.

Two cars were streaked in blood and a small bullet hole was visible in the rear bumper of a Honda.

Police say the scene was the aftermath of a violent fight between two men.

Martha Caldera says she was at the center to pick up breakfast.

"I actually walked in as the shots were being fired so it freaked me out. At first, I thought it was construction, but the guy in the restaurant was like, 'hurry, hurry, someone's shooting,'" said Caldera.

One of the people involved had a weapon and the second had a hammer. One of the people suffered head trauma and was transported to UMC with non-life-threatening injuries. Investigators say they believe his injuries may have been caused by the hammer.

Witnesses tell News 3 there were also five distinct gunshots.

"I definitely heard five shots. Put me in fear. I saw the guy bleeding all over the place," said Maurice Bailey, who works in a nearby restaurant. "They got into an altercation, a fist fight. So the guy might have been hit with a hammer but there was definitely shooting."

So far, police have not said what lead up to the fight or whether any arrests have been made.

However, customers and employees call this a typically-safe area. The violence is out of place in their quiet shopping center.

"I work here every day and we have nothing like this. No violence, good neighborhood, clean facility. I got instantly scared so I ran," said Bailey.

An earlier report about a second person being transported turned out not to be correct.

Police continue to investigate this incident.

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