Fans flock to 24-hour open house for Vegas hockey

Las Vegas hockey fans are getting a free all-access pass at the T-Mobile Arena for the Vegas Golden Knights 24-hour open house.

The doors opened at 8 a.m. Tuesday and the open house will continue until 8 a.m. Wednesday.

The team hasn't even announced a date for their home opener but today they are giving out free tickets to the game every hour on the hour. If you're not lucky enough to win a pair of those free tickets, you can check out its new ticket sales.

"We're launching the 11 and 22 game ticket plan ... so if a full season ticket plan is not for you, we've got a partial plan they're starting at 50 dollars ... we've got six different plans you can choose from," said Vegas Golden Knights President Kerry Bubolz.

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Fans also are getting an up close look at some of the prototype gear the team will be using.

"We lived in California for a long time and had some seats but this arena is gorgeous, it's insane," said ticket holder Ron Lovett.

For fans of all ages, it's a chance to rally behind their new home team and secure their spot in Las Vegas sports history.

"I just walked around and sat in a couple places based on budget ... I wish I had a little more money. I'd like to sit right on that glass," said ticket holder Mark Munoz.

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Perhaps nobody loves hockey as much as Joy Rosen. A true fanatic from the days when she lived in New York. Back in 1982, her team was the New York Islanders.

"My son was conceived in the parking lot and then a few months later I went into labor in my season seats at an Islanders game ... a playoff game, and the rest was history," said Rosen.

While Rosen's wild story embarrasses her son Jordan, it also landed her a mention by NBC's Jimmy Fallon. Rosen is convinced she brings luck to any team she roots for.

"I later went on to New Jersey and was good luck for all the good Devils who won the Stanley Cup, then I went to the west coast, you know what happened, the Kings won ... Now being here in Las Vegas I hope to bring good luck to our future Golden Knights," said Rosen.

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