Christy Mack on War Machine: 'I believed he was getting a knife so he could kill me'

Christine Mackinday, known professionally as "Christy Mack", took the stand on Wednesday inside a Clark County courtroom.

She remembered the times she says her former boyfriend hit her.

Mack said War Machine once told her, "I have to take you to the desert and kill you."

It was an emotional day for Christy Mack as she re-lived the tumultuous relationship she says she had with her former boyfriend known as War Machine.

Mack told the court he threatened to kill her as he bit her on the chin outside The Boulevard Mall.

Mack also remembers a time she says the former MMA fighter attacked her over giving a ferret cage away to her mother.

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There also was another physical outburst over a pet snake's water.

"It wasn't as clean as he would like. He told me to drink the water and then when I wouldn't he picked me up by my neck and carried me up the stairs", says Mack.

The prosecution brought up the rape fantasies Mack admits she had at on occasion.

"It was something that I had thought about before that I had never acted out in another relationship that I thought would give him. Like a sense of security that I could give him. Something that I never did with other people before", said Mack.

Mack told the court she never imagined she'd find herself in a violent relationship.

"I was extremely embarrassed. I never thought that would happen to me. I always saw myself as a strong individual", said Mack.

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