War Machine trial day 2: 'Somebody cut her with a knife'

The state of Nevada vs. War Machine is on its second day.

The prosecution continued its case against Jonathan Koppenhaver. He's facing 34 felony charges in connection to the brutal beating of his former girlfriend Christine Mackinday, known professionally as Christy Mack.

With the jury not seated, the trial day began awkwardly with a former potential juror leaving an envelope for War Machine.

District judge Elissa Cadish said, "Apparently gave Anthony this to Mr. Koppenhaver in care of Mr. Sua. I don't know what's inside it. She came into security for what its worth."

The trial then started up again with Corey Thomas, the man who was with Christy Mack the night of the alleged attack. Defense attorney Jay Liederman questioned Thomas about his martial arts background.

"I'm no jujitsu master. It's almost been 8 to 10 years since I did that so I'm kind of running out of moves for ya. But if you want some training, you got a guy over there. He knows his stuff", said Thomas.

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As Corey Thomas finished his testimony he stared down War Machine with a stern look. The man on trial didn't show a reaction.

Prosecutors then put on the stand the two LVMPD officers who initially responded to Mack's 911 call. The officers never found where the call came from, but they eventually met up with Thomas and Mack at Sunrise Hospital.

LVMPD officer Somalia Shepherd said, "Her face was completely swollen. Both eyes just puffy closed. Her teeth were missing."

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The jury then heard excerpts of a 911 call made by Mack's neighbor Dasha Giraldo. Giraldo found Mack outside her door.

Girlaldo: "I'm afraid to open my door."

911: "What's your name?"

Giraldo: "I saw a person go over with a blanket and I heard a banging and I see some like blunt marks on her face. She's crying in front of my door. Somebody cut her with a knife."

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Giraldo told the prosecution she now regrets not letting Christy Mack inside her home.

"No, because at that time I didn't know who she was. Now I feel bad that I didn't open the door for her", said Giraldo.

As for the envelope given to War Machine, it turned out to have a prayer letter and bracelet inside.

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