War Machine Trial | The defense cross-examines Christy Mack

It was day four for the former cage fighter, known as “War Machine”. The trial began with the prosecution wrapping up their questioning of key witness Christine Mackinday, known professionally as "Christy Mack."

Deputy District Attorney, Jacqueline Bluth finished her presentation with two graphic photographs taken of Mack inside the ambulance the night of the August 2014 attack.

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War Machine’s former girlfriend told Bluth during questioning she still had feelings for him days after he allegedly beat her but not anymore. She credits domestic violence counseling for changing the way she saw the relationship.

“If I decided to stay strong… and stood up for this. I could help so many other women,” Mack said in court.

The defenses then began cross-examining Mack about her tattoos and clothing. Lead Defense Attorney Jay Liederman asked Mack about the frequency of her contact with the Clark County District Attorney’s Officer suggesting they coached her.

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Liederman then questioned Mack about her use of social media. Her Twitter and Instagram accounts were shown to the jury and revealed her followers grew substantially since the beating. While the defense did not ask Mack directly if she profited from all the publicity, Liederman kept up his line of questioning, zeroing in on an emoji app bearing her name.

"Defense: It's an app?”

“Mack: It is an app...yes”.

“Defense: These are some of the emoji’s?”

“Mack: Yes they are.”

“Defense: This depicts you with a black eye and bruised cheek? Mack: yes."

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War Machine’s defense also wanted to show the jury that on the night of the attack, Mack texted a nude photo of herself to War Machine right before her new boyfriend, Corey Thomas was to arrive for a night of movie watching.

Mack told the defense that she did not know if the picture was the exact picture she sent him.

War Machine’s trial will resume Friday morning at 9 a.m.

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