WATCH: Wireless store owner pulls gun on would-be robber

Wireless store attempted robbery (KSNV file)

A local store owner took matters into his own hands when a man attempted to rob his wireless store.

Video surveillance inside Wireless Clinic near Eastern Avenue and Charleston Boulevard catches a robber kick out a showcase counter and smash the glass with his own feet. The thief immediately goes for the merchandise.

Miguel Gonzalez, the owner, takes charge with his gun. The thief right away decides to leave the store with a gun pointed towards him.

"A lunatic guy just came in. He had come in previously," said Gonzalez.

Gonzalez says the attempted robbery happened right before closing time last week. He never expected he would have to deal with a thief, but he told his co-worker to be ready for this customer.

"He had that look on his face. I told him to be prepared if something was going to happen," said Gonzalez.

The robber made off with nothing. Gonzalez says he never had his finger on the trigger. He tells us he did not want to hurt anyone.

"When he kicked the showcase I had told my coworker don't let him go because I'm getting my firearm," said Gonzalez.

He hopes he never has to deal with another robber again.

"I love what I do. I'm not going to stop," said Gonzalez.

Kris Chanski with The Range 702, a local firearms retailer and training range, says her business is growing because more people are choosing to be educated about firearms.

"People are concerned," said Chanski. "They want to make sure their families are safe and they want to make sure their business is safe, and along with safety comes education and training."

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