Water main break wreaking havoc on local businesses

On Tuesday, the Marketon grocery store's butcher was unusually clean.

The reason – without water in the store near Decatur and Washington, he can't work.

A water main ruptured near the store and flooded Decatur in the area. The water had to be shut off for crews to get the main repaired.

"We can't serve any meat. We can't serve any deli, any hot deli, any bakery because we don't have water," said Joel Estrada, the store's manager.

Officials with the Las Vegas Valley Water District say they began getting calls of the flooding street around 8 a.m. on Tuesday.

Business was snarled during the day as the morning traffic on Decatur was at a standstill while water rushed down the roads because of a water main break.

"The street was just pouring with water," said Matthew Fried, a cyclist riding down Decatur. "Cars were still driving down it, pushing waves up over the curb and just recklessly driving through the puddles."

A water district spokesman tells News 3 they are constantly either repairing or replacing older pipes along our water system.

The one that broke was installed nearly 50 years ago in 1969.

Now, crews are working to clean up the mess. They're clearing out the water and trying to determine just how badly damaged the water main is.

Meanwhile, several businesses in the area have been forced to close until the repairs are complete.

At Marketon, they had to rent portable restrooms for employees and customers. It’s a headache for businesses while crews continue their repairs.

The water district said, at best, the repairs will be complete by nightfall, at worst, things will be patched up by Wednesday morning.

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