Welsh man speaks out after swimming across the Hoover Dam

Welsh man speaks out after swimming across the Hoover dam. 9/13/17 (KNSV)

A man from Wales, United Kingdom became an overnight sensation after he swam around 1,500 feet across the Hoover Dam.

On August 10, Arron Hughes was in Las Vegas for a bachelor party. He says on the third day of the trip, he and his friends visited the Hoover Dam.

Hughes says after drinking quite a bit of beer, he decided to go for a swim. "When I went down my plan was only just to go in for a swim anyway and then I just looked across and I thought, I think I'm going to go for this," said Hughes.

Officer Ian Canaan is the Regional Special Agent with the Bureau of Reclamation in Nevada, he says not only was this a dangerous thing to do, it’s illegal.

“This is exactly the recipe for a drowning," said Canaan. “It's not open to the public ever so we have a security violation issue as well."

Hughes made it all the way from the Arizona side of the dam to the Nevada side, where law enforcement officers arrested him.

Officers gave him a $330 fine, and then released him but he says he had to leave the U.S. and head back to the United Kingdom.

Since the swim, Hughes has done dozens of interviews for media outlets across the world. Some outlets have reported he's the first person to ever make it across the hoover dam alive, but officer Canaan says he's not sure if that's true.

"We don't have any way to tell if he's the first. Like I said prior to 2001 the lake was open in that area and you could swim there as much as you want," said Canaan.

News 3 asked Hughes if he could go back and do it all over again if he’d still make swim and he said he wouldn’t.

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