With approval, neighborhood could get barriers to reduce crime

With approval, neighborhood could get barriers to reduce crime. 9/28/17 (KSNV) 

County Commissioner Marilyn Kirkpatrick says she brings volunteers to clean up around Sierra Sunrise but Kirkpatrick also wants to clean up the crime.

Vania Bighorn has noticed they removed furniture on the neighborhood streets but says she hasn't had problems.

"They did clean it up. It looks a lot nicer than it did a month ago," she said.

Kirkpatrick says over the past year police have responded to a high call volume. Domestic violence, street crimes and other violence over are the reason Metro has responded 900 times Metro to this area in the last year.

If County Commissioners give the thumbs up on Tuesday, two out of three roads entering Sunrise Sierra will get blocked off.

Kirkpatrick has not gotten feedback from residents yet but hopes to make a difference with her action.

"I feel that my role is to take a leadership role and to put new ideas into place," said Kirkpatrick.

If approved, cement barriers will go up for 90 days. During that time police will track crime to see if having one entrance in and out will help prevent it.

Kirkpatrick says most of the crimes come from outside this community and it's not fair to the folks that live in here.

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