Legal recreational marijuana in Las Vegas just hours away

CANNABIS COUNTDOWN | We are digging into the impacts the legal recreational marijuana market could have on Nevada. (Nathan O'Neal | KSNV)

The countdown is on, after years of anticipation the state of Nevada is now only hours away from becoming one of only five states across the country to begin the sale of pot for recreational use.

In Nevada, medical marijuana has been around for years. Though once the clock hits midnight, marking July 1, things are set to become a little more green in the silver state; that's when weed will become available for purchase to anyone -- so long as they’re over the age of 21. The state has limited the pot sales to 1 ounce, per person, per transaction.

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Marijuana is still illegal at the federal level. Those against of its historic sale in the state are continuing to vocalize issues they have, from how it's regulated to how it's marketed. With more than 40 million annual tourists *already* visiting locally though, advocates are quick to point out -- that a 10 percent tax is projected to bring in more than 60 million dollars, over the next two years.

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“People voted on this and it passed in, in my opinion, overwhelming margins,” said David Goldwater, a partner at Inyo Fine Cannabis Dispensary. It's a great opportunity for our education system, this money will be going towards our education system, which it desperately needs."

There are guidelines moving forward. You could face a $600 fine if caught smoking weed in public.

If you plan to purchase products from one of the dozens of dispensaries statewide that will be selling recreational weed, take note: they're all cash only.

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