Dashcam catches attack on Michigan State Trooper


Michigan State Police have released dramatic dashcam video showing an attack on a State Trooper.

Two men, 21-year-old Michael Barber and his 19-year-old brother, Travis Wise were arrested for attacking Trooper Garry Guild. Both men face multiple charges, including assault and resisting an officer.

In the video, you see Michael Barber speed past, riding a stolen motorcycle.

Guild begins his pursuit, and Barber slows down and pulls off to the right in what appears to be a surrender; however, he then he speeds up and re-enters the freeway.

Guild's sirens and lights flip on and the chase continues. Eventually Barber heads up the exit ramp then breaks left across a median and crashes.

Barber gets up but ignores Guild's commands to get on the ground and a struggle ensues. The trooper tries to gain control of the driver, but soon another vehicle pulls up.

Barber's brother, Travis Wise runs toward the scene and puts the officer in a chokehold. Meantime, Barber tries to grab Guild's weapon.


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