DOJ to start tracking number people killed by police nationwide

Department of Justice (MGN)

Right now the federal government has no way to track how many people die when pursued by police or in police custody nationwide.

Currently law enforcement does not report those numbers. The justice department has now announced a program that aims to do just that.

Local state and federal agencies will start reporting deaths the hope being that statistics on how many shootings there are and who the people of those shootings are will allow authorities to make changes when needed.

“We need to know race, age, gender also, to try and look at whether those issues are occurring on a repeated basis,” said Las Vegas attorney Cal Potter. “That would, once again, focus on training issues.”

It's no secret that this is one of the more polarizing issues in America today and in years past.

One of the biggest questions related to this topic is -- to date how many deadly police shootings are there? The unsettling answer -- no one knows.

The new program is scheduled to begin in 2017.

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