Manatees rescued from Florida golf course after hurricane Hermine

Several displaced manatees are headed back home to the gulf, thanks to the work of dozens of volunteers in Citrus County, Florida.

Hurricane Hermine left the manatees stranded in a pond at the plantation on Crystal River Golf Course.

The manatees served as a distraction for golfers, but it soon became time to get them home.

Florida Fish and Wildlife and volunteers went to work at 9:00 a.m. Thursday morning. Initially, they pulled four manatees - two mothers and their calves from the pond, and as the day wore on, more manatees were found.

Each manatee underwent a health assessment before being returned to the gulf.

"Hurricane Hermine came through the area, this area experienced a lot of flooding, this whole golf course was under water, enough so I think there were even boats,” said Andy Garrett, Administrator at Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. “Jon boats were able to go up and down the fairways. We had a report of four manatees on the golf course at that time. When the water receded, the animals ended up in this pond."

One of the manatees rescued is one of the largest fish and wildlife has ever seen - weighing in at more than 1,400 pounds.

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