Money Matters: McDonald's waiters and Solar City/Tesla merger


A big merger between two solar powered companies just got approved, and you could soon see waiters at a McDonald's restaurant near you!

McDonald's diners could see a big change soon. With the new system, customers can place orders using a digital kiosk or at the counter, and then choose to either pick up their food to-go or have meals served to them at tables.

In test markets, McDonald's executives said that table service has been particularly popular with large groups and families.

The Tesla and Solar City merger got approval. Both companies’ shareholders okayed the 2 billion dollar deal.

Now, both of these companies are led by Elon Musk. The deal has been called by some as a bailout of Solar City, which is struggling.

At any rate, the deal has the needed approval now and is expected to close in a few days.

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