Buzz Aldrin flies with the Thunderbirds, becoming oldest to fly with demonstration team

(News 13 Orlando via CNN Newsource)

The second man who walked on the moon took a first-of-a-kind flight in Florida over the weekend.

On Sunday, Buzz Aldrin became the oldest person to fly with the U.S. Air Force demonstration team: The Nellis-Air-Force-Based Thunderbirds.

For about 40 minutes, the 87-year-old helped to fly an F-16 Fighting Falcon at an air show.

His co-pilot says Aldrin seemed perfectly at home in the sky.

For Aldrin, he says he just wishes he could do things of this nature much more often.

"It's certainly been a good while, but I still understand the throttle and the stick and formation flying," said Aldrin. "I felt at home, and it would be nice to be able to do that all the time."

Before Aldrin's time working for NASA, he served as a fighter pilot for the air force, later serving in the Korean war.

He eventually retried as a colonel.

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