County Commissioner believes Las Vegas was "played" with stadium deal

The Raiders move to Las Vegas is appearing less likely and at least one Clark County commissioner is not surprised.

Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani was opposed to the funding plan, especially the public portion, from the beginning.

"I think part of it should teach us all a lesson in politics," said Giunchigliani, "that just because you want something doesn't necessarily mean it's going to pan out."

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The $1.9 billion-dollar stadium was once a vision for the future, but may now be only a pipe-dream.

Giunchigliani believes the city was played.

"I think we were," she said. "I think we were all along. I think even though Mr. Davis filed papers to come here, there's never been an actual commitment financially."

Davis and the Raiders organization say they remain committed to Las Vegas, but without the investors, many believe it's unlikely the NFL will approve the move.

One remaining optimist is Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman.

"I am very confident we will find someone or a developing group that will put the funds forward to make this happen," Goodman said.

That would have to happen soon since NFL owners were likely to vote on the relocation in March.

Meantime, while many dreamed of a Raider Nation in Las Vegas, Commissioner Giunchigliani says she had a gut feeling early on that remains to this day; the timing and the plan are far from a winning combination.

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