Getting down to the details: Stadium Authority, Raiders, work on lease

Down at the County Government Center, there was food. Local 872 was rolling out the Raiders trucks and the fine dining and the workers... who would get the jobs a stadium would bring.

“I was born here in 1966. I mean the rodeo's coming here, NASCAR’'s exploding. Everything is good here, and I'm just excited to be a part of it,” one union guy told me, wearing a gray hard hat emblazoned with the Raiders logo

That was outside.

Inside, a lot of talking by the people who represent you, and your 750 million dollar stake in the proposed two billion dollar stadium. This was the 5th meeting of the Las Vegas Stadium Authority, the body created by law to oversee the facility. Negotiations are already going with the Raiders, says authority attorney Mark Arnold.

“We spend a bunch of time negotiating up front so everybody knows what's in it and you put it in a drawer and everything works fine because we've already argued about everything else,” Arnold told authority members.

Among the issues, making sure the company that runs the stadium and that's yet to be chosen - delivers on the amount of events held there. The low estimate 30; the high estimate is 62.

It all makes the stadium pencil out.

“So I think we're looking for an operator who is skilled at managing these areas, and a commitment of the owner-operator, in that case, the Raiders, that they're thinking about the community good as well as the team's good,” said authority member and former Las Vegas Mayor Jan Jones Blackhurst.

Another issue: The Rebels, who would share the stadium.

The lease has to accommodate them, too.

“It’s important for all their fans to come in and see this is the home of UNLV Rebel football,” said authority member and Thomas and Mack Executive Director Mike Newcomb, adding, “from the branding to the marketing to the cheerleaders, to the music, to the video board, to the outside presence, the flags outside…you want your Rebel fans to feel at home.”

And what about rent? Should the Raiders pay?

In the NFL...some teams don't. Others do. With Monday's news, the team is getting a 650 million dollar loan from Bank of America, raising its stake to more than a billion. I asked local 872 Guy, and authority member Tommy White.

“My personal perspective is they're coming here they're bringing us the team,” White says. “We're going to boost our economy by the team being here. I think that's paying rent.”


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