Oakland Mayor vows to fight for Raiders

The day the Raiders filed their moving papers, signaling their intentions to head to Las Vegas, the Mayor of Oakland said its just a bump in the road.

Speaking to reporters in the Bay Area Libby Schaaf said this, “This is no surprise to us in Oakland that the Raiders have filed for relocation to Las Vegas. We are ready to compete. We know that Oakland offers something Las Vegas will never have; legacy and loyalty. We’ve gotten so much done in these last months with the Lott group and the County and the City all working in unison to create a competitive plan that creates a stadium that is fair to the NFL and the Raiders but is also responsible to the taxpayers.”

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Oakland has a history of fighting for and against the Raiders. In 1980 they sued the team when it announced a plan to move to Los Angeles. They then watched the team relocate to LA before efforts to bring them back in 1992.

NFL Owners are expected to vote on a Las Vegas move in March.

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