Father and son fight off armed robbers at family-owned cell phone store


Two cell phone store clerks fought off a pair of armed robbers in Texas recently. The incident happened weeks ago, but surveillance video of the incident was just released.

The employees weren't just co-workers, but also father and son.

Two armed men walked into the Z-Comm Cell Phone Store on south cooper in Arlington.

They demanded phones and cash.

Owner so and so* says when one of the gunmen jumped over the display case, his 23 year-old-son decided to fight back.

"When my son jumped in, I just followed him. That was just him. Whatever happened was going to happen,” said business owner Khurrum Monga. “I don't know. If something were to happen - would happen for both of us."

The father and son were not armed, but they decided they were not going to let someone hurt the business it's taken them years to build.

"If I have to fight I will not wait,” said Monga. “I will try to save whatever I can save."

Even when the second gunman pointed a gun at them, the father and son continued to push them out of the store. one would-be robber ran away and the other gunman struggled to get out the store.

The first gunman left behind his loaded gun.

Both the son and dad know they're lucky no shots were fired and no one was hurt.

"We were thinking it was fake. It's all fake. They're just making up anything, and the in is the not real,” said Monga “But after, the police told me, 'that's a real gun and it's loaded,'”

The Arlington Police Department provided the surveillance video of the attempted robbery. They're still looking for the armed robbery suspects.

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