Man convicted of DUI crash that killed Shadow Ridge student given maximum sentence

Standing room only in court: David Fensch's sentencing. Fensch is guilty of the DUI crash that killed Jaelan Fajardo, 16. (Kyndell Nunley | KSNV)

Cries filled a local courtroom today as the friends and family of a local teenager gathered to watch the sentencing of the man convicted of driving drunk and killing him.

The deadly February 2017 crash happened as 16-year-old Jaelan Fajardo was on his way to school at Shadow Ridge High.

David Fensch, 47, was sentenced to the maximum term of 20 years prison time for the crime. He could get parole after eight years.

Dozens of Fajardo's friends filled the court as the judge handed down the sentence to Fensch in court. Many of the teenager's loved ones showed up to court today wearing matching T-shirts that read “Justice for Jaelan” across the front.

Before the judge handed down the sentence today, many members of Fajardo's family spoke out to the court and to the defendant about their loss and the reasons they believe Fensch should receive the maximum 8-20 year sentence. Fensch, himself, broke out into tears multiple times.

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The Fajardo family is now hoping to turn the teen's untimely death into a legacy, with the hopes of a change the law. They’ve titled their call for stricter DUI laws and penalties “Jaelan's Law"; which would add on harsher penalties for convicted DUI offenders, adding on more prison time with each offense.

Court records show Fensch already had at least two DUI charges in Michigan and two others here in Clark County. The crash that killed Fajardo resulted in his fifth DUI arrest.

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Fajardo's mom says she should have never lost her son because Fensch should have never been let out and been able to get back out on the road.

"With his history, he should have been locked up a long time ago. On February 9, when the accident happened, it should not have happened,” said Jaelan's mother, Marcia Fajardo. “He should have been in jail already after the fourth DUI."

The family is currently looking for a sponsor for Jaelan's Law, while also looking to hear more from the community. To reach out and learn more, email

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