Take dining to a whole new level with Blackout: Dining in the Dark

Blackout: Dining in the Dark is introducing a dining experience like no other. (Jillian Lopez | KSNV)

It's the first dining attraction of its kind! We're discussing Blackout: Dining in the Dark, the newest addition to Las Vegas.

It offers guests a multi-course culinary journey of the senses in complete darkness.

Here to tell us more is the owner, Rachel Levi.

The restaurant is located at 3871 S. Valley View Boulevard in Suite 8 and can be reached at 702-960-4000.

You can dine from noon until 11 p.m., every day of the week.

A lunch menu -- before 4 p.m. -- is offered for $44.95, including a four-course prix-fixe mystery menu in your choice of either savory, spicy, or sweet. A dinner menu with six courses is offered after 4 p.m. for $64.95. Drinks are available for an additional charge.

For more information or to make reservations, visit the Blackout: Dining in the Dark website.

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