United Blood Services asks you to make an appointment to give blood in the coming weeks


As we all know this has been a very difficult time here in Las Vegas, but we have really seen our community come together and do everything they can to help, including donating blood. Joining us this morning is Sue Thew from United Blood Services to tell us how we can still help and what the need will be in the coming days, weeks, and months.

The need for blood will be just as great in the coming days, weeks, and months, you can locate the nearest donation location on

United Blood Services issued a statement about the continual need for blood:

“We understand that people want to come forward now to show their support, however, to effectively manage the blood supply for patients, we are asking donors to make appointments to give blood throughout the coming weeks. Blood products have a limited shelf life—42 days for red blood cells and just 5 days for platelets and must therefore be constantly replenished.”

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