Whistle-blower says truth behind LDS policy needed release

LAS VEGAS (KSNV News3LV) - A day after the release of a controversial new policy from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, News 3 spoke exclusively to the man who first obtained the documents that started the firestorm on social media.

Speaking exclusively to News 3 from his home in Logan, Utah, John Dehlin confirms the Mormon policy naming gay couples as "Apostates" and barring their children from baptism, was not meant to be public knowledge.

The policy was quietly inserted in leadership manuals for high ranking men who lead the church. Sources inside the church saw the documents ended up in Dehlin's hands.

"They reached out to Bishops that they knew and requested screen shots or pdfs of the changes," said Dehlin. "People are scared. Members of the church have a lot to lose by actions the church would take on themthey want someone like me to do it."

What he did was release the policy, which the church later confirmed to be true.

"I made sure I had credible sources. It turned out to be 100 percent accurate and worse than anyone could have ever expected," said Dehlin.

Dehlin, who is not gay, says children of gay people will now have a 'Scarlett Letter' of sorts. Their friends will be able to be baptized and participate in ordinances, while the children of gay couples will not be allowed to do the same.

"It almost feels abusive. I have children, its devastating to even have a pimple. Not even viewed as worthy to be baptized," said Dehlin.

Children of gay people and reportedly polygamists will not be allowed to be baptized. Dehlin says children of all other types of parents are not excluded.

"The children of rapists and murderers can still get baptized," said Dehlin.

Children or gay couples can be baptized after they are 18 and have moved out of their gay parents homes, if they formally agree to disavow the marriage of their parents and the highest ranking authorities in Salt Lake City sign off.

*An earlier web version of this story inaccurately reported Mr. John Dehlin as LDS. Mr. Dehlin is no longer a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.*
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