CCSD custodian granted house arrest, following charges of unlawful contact

Jesus Acosta (LVMPD/KSNV)

A custodian with the Clark County School District has been granted release on house arrest after being charged with unlawful contact with a minor or mentally disabled person.

Jesus Acosta, 56, was arrested on Saturday for illegal contact with a student, making this the 11th similarly-charged arrest for the district this school year.

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Acosta faced a judge for the first time on Tuesday on three counts of the unlawful contact charge.

The details in the arrest report obtained by News 3 states that Acosta was allegedly having inappropriate conversations and contact with three six grade girls at Tarkanian Middle School.

During an interview, students say Acosta offered food in his office. At the time the students said he made comments telling the girls how much he loved them. At one point he hugged a girl and kissed her forehead.

During another occasion, one student says she was squeaking her shoes on the floor when Acosta told her he couldn't move his "butt" like she did. He went to hug the girl, but she told him the contact made her feel uncomfortable. Acosta now faces charges for unlawful contact with a minor.

β€œHe has zero felonies, zero gross misdemeanors, zero failure to appears, I would ask that your honor considering releasing him,” defense said in court.

In June 2016, Acosta had already been told not to have contact with students by school staff after an investigation led school enforcement to believe he was having email or text conversations with two six grade girls. In the report, he admits he knew his behavior was inappropriate.

His bail was previously set at $6000 but the defense argued he wasn't a danger and holds another job as a delivery driver. The judge agreed to his release and Acosta was put on house arrest.

Acosta, a CCSD employee since 2014, had been assigned to Lois and Jerry Tarkanian Middle School, 5800 W. Pyle Ave., in the southwest Las Vegas valley. A School District spokesman said Acosta is now on unpaid leave.

He will be back in court next month for a preliminary hearing.