MAKE A WISH: Orion gets to work with dolphin trainers at the Mirage


It's time for your dose of inspiration on this Monday morning. Las Vegas has is a place where kids from all across the country wish to go.

Because our city offers so many opportunities for celebrity meetings and over-the-top attractions and experiences, those kids are able to have those wishes come true.

One of those children is Orion, who has cystic fibrosis.

Thanks to MGM, Orion recently came to Las Vegas from Utah to work with dolphin trainers at the Mirage. His wish was inspired by the movie "dolphin tale" and he imagines what it’s like for dolphins to be able to explore the ocean world.

You too can be a part of making dreams come true in our community by donating. Wishes happen here, and it's all thanks to make-a-wish of Southern Nevada!