Anyone else on the edge of their seat last night watching the Men TMs 400m Freestyle Relay?! Team USA was amazing! France looked like they had taken the race|and then in the last few yards Jason Lezak kicked it in and beat France by a fingernail! It was the most excitement I have seen in a long time. What made it so great was the fact that Team France had done a little Trash Talkin telling the media that they were going to smash the US! The only they smashed was their hopes of getting gold! Jason Lezak said on NBC last night that he realized in that last lap that he didn TMt want to settle for silver and he gave it his all. Let me tell you, if you didn TMt see it, it was almost as if he just ate a can of Spinach and his Popeye instincts took over. I am sure you will get to see it if you missed it|I imagine it will be in all the highlights for the next few days!

      Team USA TMs gymnastic girls somewhat, fell apart last night. It was rather disappointing. USA and China are the top two contenders. You couldn TMt help but feel sorry for our girls|they would do so great then at the last minute something like stepping out of bounds would plague them. They are still believed to go head-to-head with China despite their lackluster performance last night. They believe their scores will still be high enough to advance.

      Well, that TMs my Olympics Observations for today. Enjoy the games right here on NBC24!

      See ya on the tube!