Mayweather - McGregor fight slated for historical betting records

Mayweather - McGregor fight slated for historical betting records. 8/25/17 (KSNV) 

As arms were flexed on Friday, pro-boxer Floyd Mayweather and MMA superstar Connor McGregor prepare to make fight history, Saturday night in Las Vegas.

Sports books are preparing to beat sports betting history when it comes to the amount of money they expect people to spend. Jay Kornegay with Westgate Race & Sports Operations said bets could amount to as much as $70 million dollars.

This fight will break sports betting records only second to Super Bowl. Some say once this big pay day is over, the fight could forever change history.

"We are seeing historical numbers for this fight. this fights will have the most bet on it than any other fight in history," said Kornegay.

For tens of thousands in Las Vegas, the fight means everyone must be prepared for this historical matchup between the boxing world and MMA.

The big question, what one two punch combination will bring one one man's arm to victory and another man to his knees.

“If you beat a boxer that is arguably the best ever and he loses then it hurts boxing tremendously, but on the hand, if a guy that’s from MMA loses to the greatest ever it doesn’t hurt the sport," said. Nicholas Torres.

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