Celebrate World Lion day at No Regrets Bar and Blaze Pizza


No Regrets Bar and Blaze Pizza are celebrating World Lion day by raising funds for Lion Habitat.

Lion Habitat is a non-profit located near M Resort that is the home for more than 34 lions, a giraffe (who paints), ostriches, a tortoise and rescued birds and a lion from the zoo. They are opened Fri-Mon 10-2pm.

The Lion Habitat Ranch in Henderson is an incredible nonprofit lion sanctuary. Founded by current president Keith Evans in 1989, its mission is to provide a loving environment to all lions and other exotic animals in the habitat’s care. Keith has worked in close contact with lions and other big cats since 1970 and has dedicated his life to not only protecting these majestic creatures but to also educating others and promoting wildlife conservation. Take a look at this incredible lion sanctuary right here in Nevada with animals that are truly loved, happy, and very well cared for.

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