Grape Expectations teaches you how to make your own wine

Grape Expectations Nevada School of Winemaking teaches you how to make your own wine! (KSNV)

It's never too early for a little wine, right? And sometimes it tastes even better if you make it yourself ... which is exactly what you can do here!

K.J. Howe of Grape Expectations is here to show us how it's done.

The nine-month wine-making season starts soon and Aug. 31 is the deadline to sign up.

There are four "hands on" steps where members of the group will complete the necessary tasks to convert the juice from handpicked grapes into wine. Each step takes approximately one hour to complete.

They are also opening the Vegas Valley Winery, which will include a tasting bar and wine lounge next to the wine school in Henderson's Booze District.

Grape Expectations is located at 7360 Eastgate Road #125 in Henderson and can be reached at 702-806-3383.

For more information, visit the Grape Expectations website.

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