Kick back and binge the latest trending shows this spring

This spring, there are plenty of new show premieres that you can binge. (KSNV)

We are all a little guilty of binge watching our favorite shows ... but now, we don't even need a TV to do so.

Renna Lunak joins us from Los Angeles to talk about the spring trends this season and how streaming video has changed the world of television.

With plenty of prime time show season finales occurring over the next few weeks, there is a slew of fresh new premieres to keep you entertained.

Some of the hot shows this spring include:

  • Season 3 of Channel 4's Catastrophe
  • Season 7 of Showtime's Veep
  • Season 4 of HBO's Silicon Valley
  • Season 3 of Amazon Studios' Bosch
  • Season 3 of Showtime's Twin Peaks
  • Season 5 of Netflix's House of Cards
  • Season 6 of HBO's Veep

Streaming of reality shows has also risen in the last year, so for those looking for a guilty pleasure, they can watch the new season of The Real Housewives of New York City via BRAVO's website and app, as well as the new season of the Bachelorette on ABC's app.

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