Trapeze Las Vegas gives you a chance to learn how to fly high without the risk

Trapeze 2.png

It's Friday, and that means Vegas Adventures -- and this time, Jeff is taking us on a high-flying adventure.

Jeff checked out a place called Trapeze Las Vegas, and it's just a quick drive from the strip.

And when you think of trapeze -- you think of often think of the death- defying stunts that you see at shows. You can get that same experience, without the risk. Visitors are surrounded by safety nets and have a safety cord connected to them at all times.

We now continue our Vegas Adventures --with Trapeze Las Vegas.

This Sunday, Trapeze Las Vegas will offer demonstrations at new and give free turns on the trapeze starting at 3:00 pm.

Information on prices of classes can be found on Trapeze Las Vegas's Class Packages page.

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