The cost of Nevada's drought hits the Las Vegas Boat Harbor
Hear what the Las Vegas Boat Harbor has to say about the drought and how much it's costing. (KSNV)

Walk through the parking lot of the Las Vegas Boat Harbor, and you will find seashells because just months ago, this was underwater. 

The water level is so low in fact that the harbor, 1200 boats in all, have to move 80' into the lake. Gas, sewer, and electric lines move as well. 


Do you want to know the cost of our historic drought? This is it, and it's expensive.

“Not too easy. You lay awake a lot at night.”

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Owner of the harbor, Gail Kaiser, tells us, “Our entire crew, whether you're a mechanic, you're working on moving a marina today.”

The harbor has moved before -- in fact, over the past two years, they've shifted everything more than 300' because the water level has dropped 10'. They're planning another move before the season ends and next year are prepared to move again. But their options are drying up, literally.

“it's a scary situation," says Gail. "Launch ramps are hard, they're working hard to keep ramps open, but it's a constant thing.”

For the family-owned business, what happens here really matters. Their business is literally kept afloat by waters that are shrinking. So all eyes are on 2025, a new water pact, and they hope for snow.

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