White House suggests closing all gyms, limiting gatherings to 10 or fewer in Clark County
Paris Las Vegas is pictured in this photo, taken on April 17, 2020. (KSNV)

On Thursday, the White House listed Nevada as a red zone while the state continues to see a drastic rise in COVID-19 cases.

Specifically, the White House’s report listed Clark County as the state’s only county in the red zone while the Las Vegas metropolitan area (including the city of Las Vegas, Henderson and Paradise) as the only locality in the red zone as of last week.

With the White House’s report came police recommendations. For counties in the red zone, the White House is urging the state to close bars and gyms as well as create outdoor dining opportunities.

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As of Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak’s latest order, bars that don’t serve food are to shut down.

Also, the White House is suggesting that all social gatherings be limited to 10 people or fewer.

The latest directive from the governor requires that social gatherings not exceed 50 people.

Other policy recommendations from the White House for Clark County include mandated mask-wearing in public, reducing public interactions to 25 percent of normal activity.

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Clark County is considered to be in the red zone as is it represents the largest percentage of new cases in Nevada, with the state seeing 173 new cases per 100,000 residents in the last week. That’s far above the national average of 119 new cases per 100,000.

According to the White House, the federal government is deploying seven staff members from FEMA and nine staff members from Veterans Affairs to assist with operations, logistics and medical activities.

The Nevada Health Response team says that it is working with the counties and cities in the state to disseminate the information from the White House’s COVID-19 Response and Recovery report.


The health response team says that under Sisolak’s emergency directives, local governments are given the authority to institute additional rules and regulations related to the pandemic that are more restrictive than those mandated by the governor.

Local governments have been asked, according to the response team, to provide additional actions they have taken or plan to take to implement the recommendations listed in the White House report. 

On Thursday, Nevada, as well as Clark County, saw its largest daily increase of COVID-19 cases since the start of the pandemic with 1,447 new cases, bringing the total to 31,915.

Clark County saw 1,315 new cases and five more deaths, bringing its total to 26,926 cases and 507 deaths.

In a statement to News 3 a Clark County spokesperson released the following:

We are evaluating the information from the White House to determine if steps in addition to what the governor has mandated are necessary. We continue to work with the Southern Nevada Health District, the cities and our community partners on this important public health matter and continue to monitor COVID-19 data and information. Meanwhile, it’s important that residents and visitors wear face coverings, social distance and avoid large gatherings to help slow the spread of COVID-19. 
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