Calls grow louder to get special prosecutor to investigate Hunter Biden business deals
In this screenshot from the DNCC’s livestream of the 2020 Democratic National Convention, Hunter Biden, son of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, addresses the virtual convention on August 20, 2020. (Photo by Handout/DNCC via Getty Images)

WASHINGTON - One week from the Presidential election and some GOP lawmakers say time is running out to get to the bottom of what they call corruption at the highest levels of government.

Calls grow louder to get special prosecutor to investigate Hunter Biden business deals (SBG)
“There is some evidence that Mr. Biden as vice president knowingly cooperated with the Chinese Communist Party to advance the financial interest of his family," said Rep. Andy Harris, R-Md., in an interview Tuesday.

Congressman Harris is one of 11 Republicans who signed a letter asking the Department of Justice to appoint an independent special counsel to further investigate, calling out the F.B.I  for failing to bring their own investigation to light.

“We know they have this laptop and the silence is deafening. The bottom line is that we need to know and that’s specifically, why we need an independent or Special Counsel to look at this.”

The Biden campaign and Joe Biden himself have called the claims Russian disinformation, often pointing to a letter signed by 50 former intelligence officials which say the stories published in the New York Post seem to be just that.

President Donald Trump arrives to speak about the "Farmers to Families Food Box Program" at Flavor First Growers and Packers, Monday, Aug. 24, 2020, in Mills River, N.C. (AP Photo/Nell Redmond)
"As Republicans continue to shine the spotlight on Hunter Biden and questions about emails, there are others who have detailed glaring questions about Donald Trump‘s family their questionable deals, both before and during his time as President.”

“The President has managed to turn his businesses into essentially a corruption factory,  where foreign governments, special interest groups people in Congress understand that if they want to influence the President, they can hold a fundraiser at his hotel, they can buy dinner at his restaurants,” said Noah Bookbinder, Executive Director  of CREW, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

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CREW has found more than 34 hundred conflicts of interest by President Trump since he took office, including 500 visits by the president to Trump properties, often at the taxpayers expense, and 145 foreign officials who have stayed at Trump properties.

“At this point we have to question whether the president‘s policies are actually being influenced by business coming both to himself but also to his children," Bookbinder said in an interview Monday.

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