Baby boomers check out technology at CES for AARP

Many locals hit the Consumer Electronics Show floor, checking out all kinds of gadgets.

Some in attendance were checking out the gadgets on behalf of the American Association of Retired Persons.

Mary Ellen Burton observed a robotic dinosaur, known as a MiPosaur, a toy that can do simple tricks. It's wowing plenty of people.

But it's a hard sell for Burton.

"I have an 11-year-old grandson. And I can tell you in about ten minutes it would break because it was plastic in the front. And then the only real part that was really unbreakable was the rubber tail," Burton said.

While many people were impressed with the robot, Burton found something else. She likes technology that would definitely help her with lower back pain. It's a gadget on your back that interfaces with the Wii.

"It's not stressful for your back. It only does exercises that help you. And it's FDA approved, so it's not going to harm you in any way," Burton said.

These AARP members are pretty comfortable with technology. Some are very advanced.

Jerry Carter's expertise is actually IT, Information Technology. He and some other baby boomers were on a panel to make suggestions to improve technology, especially for health. For example, a fitness band.

"Taking that data, transmitting it live to your home computer or to your physician, your healthcare provider; being able to have that information at your fingertips," Carter said.

Whether it's fitness or high tech appliances, they like it and they want more of it.

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