CES for the health conscious: New devices promise to help get people and pets fit

CES is not just about the latest in televisions, smart phones and cars. It's also focusing on you and your health.

Technology in the health industry is all about giving consumers accurate information about what's happening inside the body. The company iFit partnered with Altra shoes to develop a running shoe that has sensors in the sole. A connected phone app tells the user if they are running incorrectly.

Trevor Cranney with iFits Altra shoe said this is the perfect high-tech shoe for runners.

"It tells you how to maximize and how to best be running, not to be heel striking and not to be toe striking but running on the balls of your feet so you're running properly," he said.

Shoes that track how you're running in real time. Helping you correct bad form. IQ Fit Altra shoe. @News3LV

-- sergio avila (@SergioNews3LV) January 7, 2016
Those shoes will be available in March for $199.

Other advances include revolutionizing the thermometer. One new device reports quick results that the consumer can keep track of. Lucie Broto with Withings introduced News 3 to the device that uses 16 sensors to get a reading in a second and transfers that information to a user's phone. The connected app lets the user assign a person to the temperature, a sick child for example. It also keeps track of the date and time of the temperature reading so the consumer gets a better understanding of what's happening.

"This application with the thermometer will help you rationalize better the health of your kids," Broto said.

It's a little more than a traditional thermometer with a price tag of $99.

For the more daring, there are plenty of electronic skateboards or even devices for four-legged friends. Health tech is now better connecting people to their animals.

"It will measure the steps, the movement, track the sleep," Michael Hurnaus with Tractive said.

It's a fitness monitor for Fido. The built-in GPS lets you know if they're getting out of the yard or home and the fitness tracker tells the pet's owner everything else. The information doesn't come cheap. It will cost pet owners about $149.

It's just a tiny portion of what is being offered at CES for the health conscious. Most of the products profiled here are available now, or will be in the coming months.
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