First look at War Machine's suicide note

LAS VEGAS (KSNV MyNews3) -- Contents of a suicide note left by former mixed martial arts boxer Jonathan Koppenhaver were revealed Monday.

Koppenhaver, also known as War Machine, was arrested on several charges related to the severe beating of his ex-girlfriend Christy Mack on Aug. 8 in a home near Eastern Avenue and Desert Inn Road.

In the letter, which was obtained and released by TMZ, Koppenhaver lists several people whom he apologizes to - including Mack.

But Koppenhaver also paints himself as the victim. While he does apologize to Mack, he never admits to being responsible for her beating. Instead, he appears to try to justify the incident by saying he was stunned when he found her that night with a male friend.

In the letter, Koppenhaver says "Finding what I found that night was devastating more than you will ever know - not just the unfaithfulness - but the way you cared for him and protected him."

Koppenhaver goes on to say, "I still don't understand how I got into this mess. I don't know why this had to happen - my life was going so well."

Later in the letter, he tells Mack, "I forgive you - do you forgive me?"

Along with Mack, Koppenhaver says goodbye to several other family members and friends.

A corrections officer found Koppenhaver last Tuesday with a sheet around his neck in what appeared to be an attempted hanging in his jail cell. He was cut down and moved to medical observation, where he is now on suicide watch.

Koppenhaver is facing 32 charges including attempted murder.

The full text of Koppenhaver's suicide note can be found here.

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