Henderson woman lived with suspected serial killer for eight years

HENDERSON (KSNV News3LV) -- News of a possible serial killer who once lived in Henderson, Nev., has triggered painful memories for those who remember the suspect.

"He fits the profile. I will say that. He fits the profile," said a woman who claimed she was Neal Falls' roommate for eight years.

The female roommate spoke to a News 3 reporter from outside her unassuming garage, attached to an unassuming house, in an unassuming neighborhood on the edge of Henderson.

She spoke about an very unassuming man who police say may have lived a life that was quite the opposite.

The woman won't say her name, and says to call her Jane.

The last time Jane saw Falls was Friday, when his familiar face popped up on her television screen. He was dead.

Falls was killed in West Virginia.

Police would say falls was killed by a prostitute who had managed to wrestle his gun away from him and fire a single shot to save her own life.

In his possession was an arsenal. Falls had a 9mm handgun, along with knives, axes, a sledgehammer, a bulletproof vest, four sets of handcuffs, a shovel, and a list with six other names and phone numbers of prostitutes.

The discovery would help launch an investigation. It would not be long before police linked Falls to his rented room in Henderson and to the four women who went missing or were killed in Southern Nevada in 2005.

The body of one woman was found dismembered and dumped in Illinois.

"All the years he lived here he never did anything," Jane said, still in disbelief. "He would work and come home, work and come home."

For Jane, it's impossible. Not a chance. The man she called a roommate, who she lived with for eight years, all the while a serial killer? Can't be.

Still, she will not let us use her name or show her house.

In 2000 Jane needed a roommate. She and her young daughter put an ad online. Neal Falls applied. He had moved from Oregon and gotten a job as a security guard at the Hoover Dam.

"I interviewed four other people. I settled on him because he passed a background check. They have to pass a background check to work the Dam."

Jane said she didn't believe it was possible that the man she welcomed into her house could have lived a double life.

"He had eight guns when he lived here," she said. "He had an AR. He showed them to me. He had a Beretta. He had eight guns. a lot of people collect guns."

Falls would keep to himself mostly, but paid rent on the first of the month without fail, and often worked an opposite schedule than Jane. She described him as the perfect roommate.

"My daughter says he was like the creepy uncle," Jane said.

The woman says he would eat Thanksgiving dinner with them. He watched her daughter go through high school.

"We didn't have a relationship. He just rented a room from me because he worked at the dam," she said.

Jane still cannot believe Falls may be behind several deaths, or that he may have targeted and brutally disposed of prostitutes.

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