Mercedes-Benz debuts concept driverless car of future at CES

The car of the future according to Mercedes-Benz is one that drives itself, has seats inside that swivel to face each other and features a computerized brain that can watch a pedestrian walk by and even offer a digital projection of a crosswalk to help the person cross the road.

The carmaker unveiled the sleek concept car that it is calling F 015 Monday night at the International CES showcase for consumer electronics.

Mercedes-Benz turned a stage inside The Cosmopolitan on the Strip in Las Vegas into a scene usually reserved for annual car shows attracting a swell of photographers on stage afterward.

The company's leader Dieter Zetsche says there are still questions about driverless cars that require answers but the time is right to think about the car of the future.

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-- Anick Jesdanun/AP Technology Writer

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