Police reveal most dangerous intersections in Las Vegas

    LAS VEGAS (KSNV News3LV) - On Monday, an Australian tourist tried to run across Las Vegas Boulevard near Flamingo Road - one of the busiest streets in southern Nevada - and ended up in the hospital.

    Why would she risk her life instead of using the pedestrian bridge located just a few feet away?

    That accident was just the latest in a violent year on Las Vegas streets, and pedestrian deaths are on the rise. The number of fatalities has raised 16 percent this year, and police say the majority of the accidents are the pedestrian's fault.

    The most dangerous spot for accidents, according to metro, is Boulder Highway and Sun Valley, near Eastside Cannery and Sam's Town casinos. The location has all the makings from a trouble spot: a barely visible, unlit crosswalk, and a street built for speed.

    Other dangerous spots include: Rainbow and Sahara; Rainbow and Hacienda; Nellis and Cedar; and Desert Inn and Fort Apache.

    The victim in Monday morning's accident remains in serious condition. This year, 22 pedestrians have died in Metro's jurisdiction, with 16 considered the pedestrian's fault.

    "It is extremely frustrating and it's also heartbreaking because we do everything we can to get the message out to people," said Nevada State Sen. Mark Manendo, a member of the Traffic Safety Board.

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