Unauthorized use of shock collar angers dog owner

LAS VEGAS (KSNV My News 3) - A Southern Nevada man wants to warn all pet owners about who they trust to watch their beloved pets after he found his dog wearing a shock collar.

Eric Bowen was going on a trip, so he needed to find a pet sitter for his dog, Spot. He used the website and found a local couple he felt was trustworthy.

But when he picked up Spot, she was wearing a shock collar. Bowen was furious because he had not give the dog sitters permission to use one.

"It made me extremely angry," Bowen said. "It was BS. They shouldn't be using shock collars on dogs ever, not without someone's permission."

Officials for say they are investigating the allegation. A spokesperson sent a statement that said, in part: "Service providers must get permission from pet owners before doing anything that might affect the pet's health, safety or physical well-being."

The couple who cared for Spot refused to comment to News 3.
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