CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Coral kleptomaniac arrested at Florida aquarium store

Florida man arrested for stealing almost $1,000 of coral from an aquarium store. (NBC News)

A man in Florida was caught stealing coral from fish tanks at an aquarium store.

Teng Lin, 39, was caught on several cameras plunging his hand into fish tanks to steal coral at A&R Aquarium in St. Petersburg.

Adam Lewis, a co-owner of the store, confronted Lin in the parking lot just outside the front door.

"At first he handed over the empty bag. And then he was a little hesitant on handing over the other one, but when he finally did, we opened it up. The clam and some other items were inside," said Lewis.

Lewis said he was willing to let things slide if Lin gave up the rest of what he took. Lin lied and said he did not have any more coral.

Then, Lin offered four $100 bills to pay for the stolen coral, which was valued at almost $1,000.

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